Service Group

Delivers sustainable results

The enterprises within the AEP Services Group provide a full range of construction and operational business solutions that boost our customers' bottom line and set them up for sustained success.

Turnkey Processing Solutions

Construction and Operational Expertise

While other firms have construction or manufacturing backgrounds, we have the full range of capabilities and the operational expertise to understand your goals and to guarantee optimal performance.

Working with a project manager who knows how to build plants and how to operate them has a huge impact on your startup time and overall operating costs.

TPS Construction Services

Our team of professionals has extensive experience working on operating plants. We know processing and we know how your equipment operates. Count on TPS Construction to find creative solutions that help you produce consistently, cost-effectively, and safely — guaranteed!

TPS Services

We build every plant for structural integrity to provide long life and cost-effective operations. Our cross-functional group of experts delivers creative, accurate solutions to complicated challenges — in a shorter period of time.